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About Us

St Therese School began at the request of the Parish Priest, Fr John Mulherin, in 1939. He invited the sisters of the Good Samaritan to start a school in his parish. The school was staffed and administered by the sisters until 1978, when the first lay principal, Mrs Marie Debusch was appointed. Today the school is fully staffed by committed lay teachers and administrators.

St Therese is situated between the mountains and the sea, very close to Mt Keira on the Illawarra escarpment and on the edge of the Wollongong CBD. Generational enrolment is a feature of St Therese, with successive parents and grandparents continuing to be involved in school life.

We are a two-stream school, with 368 students and 30 staff. 

We pride ourselves on being a happy, calm school, where all students are provided with an environment conducive to effective learning and strong friendships. We aim to provide a broad education, focused on the important skills of Literacy and Numeracy, while not forgetting critical thinking, appreciation of the arts and knowledge of our world. Each child’s spiritual needs are also taken into account by the provision of Religious Education, prayer, worship and reflection time.

The school is involved in a continual  ‘School Review and Improvement’ process. Through this we  review all aspects of school life on a regular basis, seeking to make improvements in all areas to the betterment of our students. 

Over the past 5 years, our school has become more multicultural in nature, which more accurately reflects the society in which we live. Our staff, families and students have embraced this diversity to highlight our school as an inclusive and welcoming community.