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Steve Thorne (Principal)

Kinder Blue

Gail Crane

Kinder Gold

Adele Walsh

One Blue

Anne-Marie Gilmore

One Gold

Mary Panozzo (Middle Leader 2) / Kim Bradbury (Wednesday)

Two Blue

Isabelle Farquhar

Two Gold

Stephanie French

Three Blue

Maria Guido

Three Gold

Rita Crofts

Four Blue

Elizabeth Pellizzari (Acting Middle Leader 2)/ Louise Macdonald (Thursday)

Four Gold

Maree Timpano(Religious Education Coordinator)Kim Bradbury (Thursday)

Five Blue

Dimitra Vezinias(Acting Assistant Principal)/ Pat Rose (Thursday & Friday)

Five Gold

Frank Timpano (Middle Leader)

Six Blue

Ana De Quintal (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday) Michelle Devine (Thursday, Friday)

Six Gold

George Galvin


Michelle Devine (Monday & Tuesday) Helen Sobol (Wednesday & Thursday)


Maurice Bernardi (Monday & Tuesday)


Jenna Hogan (Wednesday & Friday)

Reading Recovery

Kerrie Maidemnt

Literacy & Numeracy Support and Gifted & Talented

Carol Hiscox (Middle Leader 1) - (Monday to Thursday)

EALD Support

Eve Shaw

Senior School Support Officer

Colleen Betz

School Support Officer (Office)

Louise Locke - Administration

School Support Officer (Library)

Robyn Hamilton - Library (Monday to Thursday)

School Support Officers

Mary-Anne Townsend (Monday - Friday)


Sue Trevisi (Wednesday & Thursday)


Trixie McRae (Monday)


Charlene Cameron (Monday to Thursday)


Natalie Murdoch (Monday & Friday)


Amal Fath Allah ( Monday & Tuesday)


Karol Azzba ( Wednesday & Thursday)


Ken Loughrey