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Vision and Mission

As a community of faith, we

  • Put Christ at the centre of all we do

  • Reveal God’s love for each other, through our words and actions

  • Are committed to peace, justice and compassion

  • Respect and value each student created in God’s image

  • Pray and worship together

  • Act as responsible stewards of God’s creation

As a community of educators, we

  • Introduce students to scripture, prayer and the doctrine of the Catholic Church, sharing the richness and depth of our faith

  • Provide a healthy, positive and just environment for learning

  • Believe that all students can learn

  • Know our students as individuals and involve each in planning and reviewing their own learning

  • Prepare students to use their talents to live and make a positive difference in their world

  • Provide a wide range of well-planned learning experiences based on the identification of individual student needs

  • Share our talents and ideas with colleagues to build a

    collaborative, educational community

As a community of learners we

  • Impart a love of learning to our students and colleagues
  • Continue to learn in a culture of continual improvement to achieve student outcomes
  • Demonstrate a range of learning styles and strategies

As collaborators with parents, we

  • Provide pathways to open communication in a welcoming environment

  • Listen to the valuable knowledge that parents have about their children

  • Speak in clear, purposeful dialogue regarding student progress and learning

  • Build relationships through opportunities to interact and collaborate

  • Work together to assist their child’s learning

As a part of the wider community, we

  • Provide opportunities for students to make connections with the community and come to appreciate the good will, views and cultures of others

  • Participate in community events and activities

  • Uphold Christian values and work for a better world for all

  • Support community charities

As a school in the Catholic Education system of the Diocese of Wollongong, we

  • Comply with and implement all CEO policies and procedures

  • Comply with all legislative requirements

  • Support the system through our participation in shared learning

    and decision-making