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Transition to School

Starting Kindergarten

Each year future Kindergarten students and their parents meet with the Principal prior to enrolment. At this time the Principal gets to know the child and his/her family with the aim of developing a relationship and also to assist in catering for the needs of each child once he/she arrives at school.

In November, an Orientation Day is held which commences with a Liturgy in the church to welcome the new students and their families. The children then meet their Kindergarten teachers and the parents meet each other over a cup of tea, as well as receiving important practical information needed at this time.

After the formal orientation day, optional playgroup days are scheduled over a number of weeks. The kindergarten teachers are released from their usual classes to interact with the students and their parents in an informal way. This program assists in teachers and students getting to know each other gradually in a fun environment.

Children who have special needs are transitioned with the assistance of personnel from the Catholic Education Office and their Pre-school. Depending on their needs, they may visit the school several times in the preceding year and meetings are held to ensure that the school is fully conversant with their needs and is ready to welcome them with educational opportunities designed for success.

All Kindergarten students are ‘buddied’ with a Year 6 student for their first year of school. Buddies are expected to provide a positive role model, support and assistance with learning under the supervision of their teachers.

From Year 6 to Secondary School

Year 6 students are prepared for secondary school throughout Year 6. They are provided with Leadership Training early in the year through classroom activities and via a grade camp. There is also collaboration with the secondary schools to ensure that student needs are known and catered for at the commencement of Year 7.