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Behaviour Management

Jesus asked that we continue to build ‘The Kingdom of God’. We look to his example to do this. Therefore, the formation of students to be a positive force in the school and general community is at the heart of our Behaviour Management policy and procedures.

The behavior management policy is called the “Positive Behaviours Policy” with the emphasis on teaching and encouraging positive behaviour, rather than external control. This is based on respect for all as children of God, and staff support the process through their example in their interactions with each other, the children and the parents.

The school has a Student Code of Conduct based on the Positive Behaviours Policy. This is reviewed and signed annually.

While the Positive Behavious Policy is based on achieving socially acceptable, just and compassionate interactions, it also addresses the important issues of bullying and cyberbullying. Clear procedures are in place to minimize and effectively deal with these problems if and when they arise.