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Student Wellbeing

Parents allow us the privilege of caring for the physical, academic, social, spiritual and emotional needs of their children while at school. We take this responsibility seriously, looking to our Catholic values to guide us in Student Wellbeing.

At the heart of student wellbeing is the understanding that each child is an individual with different background, needs and interests to others. Getting to know each student and respecting and treating them as an important member of this community is the first step.

Staff mentor students to encourage a positive attitude to both academic learning and friendship making. 

The school has clear policies on Positive Behaviours, Anti-bullying and Anti-cyberbullying procedures and the whole community is educated to be fully aware of these. Consistency of implementation is very important.

Positive reinforcement is embedded in the school culture, with Weekly awards, Term Awards for consistency and a sticker system which accrues during the life of each child at school, resulting in Principal Awards, Silver and Gold medallions. Students engage enthusiastically with the sticker system.

Student care is also seen in school processes to cater for those who have medical conditions or allergies. Whole-school knowledge of each child’s needs, together with office procedures for the administration of medication or Epipens, supports the care of these students.

Where more serious needs are suspected, the school has the support of a counselor from CatholicCare who services the school for 5 days per month, meeting with parents and working with students to positively impact on their experience of school and family. The counselor also inservices staff on ways in which they can support student wellbeing in general terms.