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Diverse Learning Needs

At St Therese, we strive to be a student-centred school, which caters for all students’ strengths and interests. Staff use a variety of pedagogies and learning frameworks to diversify the curriculum, and facilitate quality learning and teaching experiences to support each individual child’s development. For more information, read our CEDoW Diverse Learning Needs Policy.

Students are provided with a variety of learning experiences. Differentiation of learning tasks occurs in all classrooms to support the varied abilities within the class. This can be in the form of modifications and scaffolds for individual or small group learning. Students with diagnosed health or learning difficulties, as well as those with imputed disabilities, have Individual Plans co-created between staff and parents to ensure their specific needs are being met. Planning meetings are scheduled twice per year to update the plans.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention to target students in Year 1 who are experiencing difficulties in mastering the early reading concepts. This 1:1 intervention involves 30 minutes every day for up to 20 weeks.

PreLit, MiniLit and MacqLit are further small group interventions which can be implemented at any level across the school. Each small group works with a specially trained teacher or school support officer 3-4 times each week to gain the necessary skills to become a confident, fluent reader.

For students showing very high skills in certain areas, particularly maths, extension activities are available to tap into their skills and interests. The Da Vinci Decathlon is entered each year with teams from Year 5 and Year 6.

For more information, view our CEDoW Diverse Learning Needs Policy